Under the Window

February 20, 2018

PAX wants to continue to give people in Syria a voice. Here is a story by Nivin, who escaped death yesterday in her house in Eastern Ghouta.

To all those who know me

My usual place is here under this window
I work on my laptop here, I study online here, I write statuses here.
Usually, my little daughter sits beside me playing.
The window isn’t worth much, I can always get another one
Or I can replace it with plastic bags instead of glass, like everyone in #Ghouta who has lived through this experience has done…

The experience which begins with the windows of the house being shattered and then maybe the walls coming down… and then maybe the injuries and the deaths…
But the scenario could’ve been different. Today could’ve began like any other day and I could have been working on my laptop here with my daughter playing next to me… and her or I would not have been alive right now in this moment that I’m writing to you.

We are alive now because of a miracle from God
If you, my dear reader, were a Christian, you could even read it as a miracle like the ones performed by the Lord Jesus and his mother Mary
And if you are not a believer, maybe you could say we are alive because of the forces of nature. At any rate, without divine mercy, humanity would have ended here on the planet of Ghouta.

If you are a lawyer or a human rights defender, I want to tell you that the regime, which has signed the Declaration of Human Rights, hasn’t stuck to any of it in the past six years starting from violating the right to life and then going on from there. If you are a mother, you understand how precious our kids are to us… Our precious kids are at any moment exposed to the worst. If you are from those who say we deserve it because we are ISIS, I swear if you are ISIS, then we are ISIS.

Take me as an example, both my small and extended families don’t have a single armed person. All of us from the youngest to the eldest are civilians who are trying to help our community through civil work, If you are pro-regime, be sure the regime doesn’t care about you just like it doesn’t care about us… but your turn hasn’t come yet.

It’s not asked of you all to do something… because maybe you can’t do anything. But it is necessary that you know all of these details. The details of a life that we live where each minute passes as if is a century.

Maya, my daughter, panicked at the beginning, but she’s back to playing now. I came back to my bad quality Nescafe that the regime sells to us at 10 time its price sitting with my friend. Thank God that she visited me today so that I wasn’t sitting in my usual place.

It is good that I like my Nescafe cold. I was planning to do my spring cleaning in the spring but I will do it today. Thank God for our safety and the safety of my neighbors and all people in Ghouta.

I write all of the above from my same exact place in a room without a glass window and to the sounds of surveillance planes in the skies and the sound of shelling coming from I don’t know where.

From the Facebook page Act For Ghouta


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