Same shit

November 10, 2016

Even in besieged East Aleppo, people were following the US presidential election. What do they think of Trump’s win?

Muhammed, with the group Kesh Malek in Aleppo, is short and to the point: “For us it’s the same shit.” This also happens to be the name of the group’s campaigns against the Islamic State and Bashar al-Assad.

A film clip on Facebook shows man-in-the-street interviews in Aleppo (see clip, in Arabic). In somewhat cleaner language, the men interviewed say the same thing: Trump’s victory won’t make much difference for them. President Obama didn’t bring an end to the siege, and neither will Trump.

On the other hand, an entire week has gone by without any bombing by the Russians. The threat to bomb Aleppo to smithereens while the world looked the other way during the US elections was a false alarm. Residents were able to resume somewhat normal lives without having to fear bombs dropping on their heads. For a little while, at least.

In the meantime, Yahia wishes the people in the United States good luck, and hopes the best for the US and the rest of the world.

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