PAX at Women’s March Amsterdam

January 21, 2017

More than three thousand people expressed their support for human rights, equality and tolerance at the Women’s March Amsterdam on Saturday.

The demonstration was one of hundreds taking place all over the world, the largest in Washington, DC, in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. PAX supported and helped organize the march in Amsterdam.

“Millions of women and men were out on the streets today, in Amsterdam and across the globe,“ said PAX senior gender programme offier Anke Kluppels. “Why did I go? I marched because I believe in the power of people around the world to fight for peace, equality and justice. I marched because it should never be questioned that women’s right are human rights. I marched because we need to stand together and resist patriarchy, sexism, xenophobia and racism.“

Positive protest
The atmosphere on Museumplein was laid-back. A majority of the demonstrators were women, but many men marched, as well as teenagers and children. Americans were well-represented, and people of many other nationalities took part. People were extremely creative in the messages conveyed on signs, hats, t-shirts, and buttons, including “girls just wanna have fun-damental rights”, “the future is female”, and “a woman’s place is in the revolution“.  Only a few signs mentioned the new US president.

But it was clear that Barack Obama would be missed. Anke Kluppels again: “I march because I believe we can, I need to believe we can. I still believe. And to quote Michelle Obama, ‘Our diversity of faiths and colours and creeds, that is NOT a threat to who we are, it makes us WHO we are.’”

To read more about the March, or read participants’ reasons for taking part, see the Women’s March Amsterdam Facebook page

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