Martje van Nes new Director Organisation PAX

Image: Andrew Walkinshaw

August 30, 2022

Martje van Nes (47) will start on 1 September as Director of Organization at Dutch peace organization PAX. For the past 6 years, Martje worked at Doctors Without Borders as Director of Communications and Fundraising and Deputy Director.

The focus of Martje’s work is to bring and keep the internal organization and developments in the outside world close together to be a futureproof, effective and decisive organization. Martje has been doing this since 2016 at (senior) management level at Doctors Without Borders. An organization that, like PAX, has a complex international field of work.

Martje van Nes: “The common thread in my career is the type of organizations I have worked for. Value-driven with a clear mission statement and a high degree of authenticity. My switch to PAX not only fulfills a long-cherished wish, but also feels like a logical next step.”

Martje has a long history with PAX. In 2004 and 2006 she travelled with – then – PAX Christi to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. “We were part of the lives of our host families, their communities, and the local partners of PAX. I have seen up close the enormous power of courageous citizens who are affected by the conflict and want the same thing: to bridge differences and to be accepted. PAX supports citizens and organizations all over the world and in the Netherlands to achieve these goals. With all the conflicts in the world, PAX is more relevant than ever. I feel an enormous urgency to help citizens affected by conflict, together with partner organizations, fellow NGOs, donors and governments. I look forward to joining PAX and to commit myself to peacebuilding, supporting peace values ​​and empowering people in conflict zones.”

Martje van Nes will form the board of PAX together with Miriam Struyk and Margreet van Doodewaard from 1 September.

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