In detention

February 23, 2018

In detention (house arrest in the cellar) if we can get one meal a day then we are fine because most of our homes were damaged and people in #Ghouta were not able to store anything in their homes already.

Currently, there is no street traffic and there are no markets or shops in the service
In detention, night and day are one we are imprisoned between the walls, isolated from the world.

I can not call the day a day because the place is dark and the night cannot be night because the Syrian regime’s rockets are lighting the sky and the earth
In this detention, we know that our guilt is our demand for freedom, but we do not yet know what the judgment will be or and how long!
In the detention there are all kinds of torture, for example, we are not able to sleep, every ten minutes a rocket is hit in order to ensure those who are bombing that no one will sleep and that’s of course only when the pilot is on his break time

Within the working hours, a burst of rockets is hit in less than a minute (hard to count it needs super speed in counting)
In detention, there is hard work. The simplest thing becomes very difficult for example to wash our hands. Where can we wash our hands? Can we do that before it calms the situation out there? and many other things. Of course, because we are in a cellar, not a shelter or a residence, an abandoned cellar, not a served, sitting and sleeping on stones and dust.

In detention we spend our day and night wearing the same clothes, the clothes we wear when we want to get out of the house, first because there are many families in the cellar and we do not know each other and secondly if we die it is good to be dressed in beautiful clothes!

In detention, we sleep in a way that is closest to above each other or on the same side because we are too many and the place barely accommodates us and at the same time we are warming each other due to the lake of blankets and the weather is very cold

In detention, the visits are prohibited and the coverage and communication are broken
If the sister lives in the neighboring building, it is difficult to reach her, Then the jailer (flying and bombing) will be waiting for us.

It may take a lifetime to talk about what is happening and it will not be enough, all the cellars in Ghouta have become mandatory detention imposed on us

It is very likely that you know everything I have just said, but what I want for the world to know is:
In detention we live our lives and laugh despite everything that happens, despite everything even if there is no reason, we create laughter and laugh to live
We want you to know, we are ready to stay in this detention always, but we will not accept that we will be displaced from our homes
So everything you are doing and will do must be built on this basis, we will not leave our homes.

* * * *
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