Idlib Calling: we won’t stop smoking till the regime has left

September 28, 2018

Friday 21 September

People in Idlib can breathe again. It´s been a week since the last bombardments and people are getting on with their lives. Today, September 21, there were demonstrations once again. Today’s slogan: “No constitution and no reconstruction until the regime is gone.”

“Hi Ahmed, how’s your day?”

“Very good”

“In a minute we will take to the streets again. I think it’s going to be huge today. We will continue.”

“With today’s slogans we want to show that our will is not broken. We don’t want to be ruled. Not by the regime, but also not by armed groups from outside – you know what I’m talking about.”

“We feel relieved – how different form two weeks ago! People are getting on with their lives and they have once again started to think about the future. Until recently craftsmen and construction workers in Saraqeb were staying at home because there was no work. But now there is. First we could only think about fleeing and now we want to start building again.”

“I told you there hasn´t been any bombing for a week, but this morning a car bomb exploded. A man form Faylaq al-Sham militia was killed.”

“I’m still smoking – you must understand that in our situation it’s difficult to stop. Ha, ha…indeed it may be a good idea for next week’s slogans to say that we can only stop smoking when the regime is gone.”

“See you later.”

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