Idlib calling: We need you

May 21, 2019

It feels like the script for the war in Idlib was written a long time ago and is being executed exactly as planned. No one can do anything about it. That’s at least how people in idlib experience it. Watching events from abroad, a sense of powerlessness prevails. So I call Ahmed to see how he deals with this feeling.

Hi Ahmed, can you hear me? The connection is really bad.

Yes, I hear you loud and clear. Internet is still problem, but we’ve found a way use Turkish internet – it’s better if I don’t go into detail about that.

Believe me, every night my friends and I talk about our powerlessness. It’s not just a feeling – it’s our reality. Has been for years. Sometimes we fantasize about what our lives would be like if we had fled and were now living in a free and safe country.

It pains me to see my daughters flinch with fear every time a fighter jet flies over. They look at me like I’m superman and can save them. But I’m not superman — on the contrary.

I understand that everyone feels powerless, whether you’re Syrian, Dutch, or other Europeans. But we can’t afford to give up. And we need you. You’re our voice telling everyone what’s happening. You’re free to say what you want. You can say things that we can’t.

I’ll give you an example: I always have to be careful what I say. But when there’s something I really want to say, I ask someone outside of Syria to post it on Facebook. Because it’s my duty to tell the truth. This isn’t just about Syria, but about something that concerns us all: freedom and dignity.

Sometimes I force myself to look into my daughters’ eyes to remind me what it’s all about: their future. And then I know I have no other option but to ensure that they have a future in freedom and peace. We can only do that together, and someday, we’ll achieve our goal.

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