Idlib Calling: Message of Peace from Twello

October 30, 2018

Tuesday 30 October

We just heard the news that Mieke van Ee, a peace activist and a good friend of PAX, was involved in a serious car accident. For Ahmed, even though he has never met or spoken with Mieke, she represents an important moment in his life. Two years ago Mieke sent him a message of peace on behalf of the churches in Twello, a town in the east of the Netherlands.

“Hi Ahmed, do you still remember the message of peace from the Netherlands?”

“Of course! We still talk about it. Out of the blue, two years ago, I think, a friend of mine from Turkey and I got an app with photos off a dove and a letter form the Netherlands. It was a really beautiful message, signed by lots of people we didn’t even know.”

“I kept reading it over and over again, and showed it to other people. Just the thought that people in the Netherlands know about us, and, even more important, support us. We couldn’t believe it!”

“Really, that letter, that simple message, that meant so much to us. It helped me to carry on, and to keep believing that there is good in the world. And it still does.”

“I’m really sad for Meike, but I’m glad you told me about her accident. I would love to speak to her myself, to thank her and tell her that we’re thinking of her. Do you think I could call her?”

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