Douma under fire

April 9, 2018

Dear Friends,

In the photo you can see my house — totally burnt and destroyed by Russian airstrikes on Douma yesterday.

I was ‘evacuated’ from Douma to Idlib a week ago and I was waiting for my family to follow me. Unfortunately I have now lost contact with them. Since early morning I have been trying to contact friends in Douma who might have internet access to update me with news but everyone has been offline since yesterday.

My eyes are full of tears, not for the house that I called home for the last 25 years but for my family. I am full of worry and guilt. We lived through the last five years of bombardment and siege together and now I have no idea where or how they are. I used to support my mother when she was worried, now I am not there. For the first time I am in a relatively safe location while my parents are under fire.

I am the graphic designer on the ‘Ghouta’ campaign; today I tried to illustrate my fear, but I couldn’t.

Assad warplanes attacked two hospitals and a Syria Red Crescent Center in Douma in the past 24 hours. The airstrikes have resulted in more than 50 deaths and 200 injuries.

I am writing to you today to ask for your help: please pick up the phone or write to your representatives right now and ask them to #SaveDouma and evacuate civilians to safety.

Please, call your local Russian embassy and tell them to stop the bombardment and to allow the evacuation of civilians, You can find Russian embassy numbers here.

There are many families like mine – still besieged and being bombed in Douma right now.

Act Now. Save Douma.


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