A spark of hope

December 22, 2018

by Jan Gruiters

There is hope in Yemen. A spark, a hint of hope. Until recently, journalists haven’t been writing about Yemen in these terms.

Yemen has degenerated into the worst humanitarian disaster in a long time. The country has become the symbol of unbearable human suffering, of self-proclaimed political indifference. Hope in Yemen. And that in the days leading up to Christmas — it’s almost too good to be true.

Is there reason for hope? Yes, at least at first glance. In Stockholm, warring parties agreed to a cease-fire. After nearly four years of bombing. After more than 10,000 deaths. After a famine that threatens the lives of 20 million people, a truce for the people in Yemen is a glimmer, a hint of hope. Light in a long inky-black night.

Christmas is the moment we once again can see a new light. Light that gives new life to hope and hints of peace. And light that sparks new life in ourselves. Let us hope and pray that the truce will hold in Yemen. And let’s do everything we can to help it be so.

This is an excerpt from a blog by PAX General Director Jan Gruiters.
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